Methodology 5-D Model of Consulting

Shaw Training and Consulting utilizes the their own Appreciative Consulting Model which stems from years of research and practice in the field. 

Step 1- Discovery and Exploration

Step 2- Dream and Futuring

Step 3- Discernment and Analysis

Step 4- Design and Implementation

Step 5- Deliver and Follow-up


  • ​​Workforce Management- We will assist with training and retention of employees.  This includes performance management, appraisals, talent management, and staff development and training.  This can be a whole package or broken up as defined below. 
  • HR Development and Organization- We offer a comprehensive  HR package that can fill in the blanks of your current HRM department or you need a complete overhaul.
  • Business Coaching- We will work with your leadership one on one to assist with professional development and career advancement.
  • Strategic Development and Framework- Shaw will sit down with you and assist you in the strategic framework process.  This includes, mission and vision development, values, and organizational objectives both for short-term and long-term
  • Staff Development and Training: Struggle with on-boarding and finding the right employee?  We got you covered as we will develop a process and training to meet your organizations needs.
  • Talent Management- Your employees want you to promote within but you are not sure if you have the right talent.  Let Shaw assist you with your talent management process by developing the right staff for the right positions.  
  • Market Analysis and Research- What is your competitive advantage?  Who is your biggest competitor?  What are the trends for the next 1 to 5 years?  Let Shaw complete market analysis and research for your organization.
  • Labor Law Compliance- EEO and ADA- are you compliant and have the necessary document?  If not, we can help.
  • Succession Planning- Every owners reign comes to an end but their dreams and organization can continue on.  Finding the right replacement does not have to be hard but it does take time and grooming.  Let Shaw assist you in this time consuming process.
  • Performance Management- 360 degree feedback, quarterly appraisals, individual development plan, performance improvement plan. these are all examples of performance management.  Let Shaw assist you with the implementation or partner with on the development of this critical organizational process. 
  • Interviewing and Hiring Process- Don't have a process for interviewing the right candidates?  Not hiring the right staff can cost your organizations $1000's and wasted time.  Let Shaw partner with you to develop the right behavioral questions that meet the needs of your organizations.


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