We are a full-service provider offering a variety of services to our clients.   

Shaw has over 1000 documents, forms, checklists to help your business whether it is a start-up or established. 

These documents are 100% editable so as you grow your business, these forms, checklists, and documents can be changed and grow with you.  In addition, we offer the ability to personalize the documents for you or your organization whether it is adding letterhead, a logo or just a footer.

Business Document Toolkits   Price: $100-$350  (call for  additional details)

If you are new to Human Resources or have a startup business and are looking to hiring some new talent but are not sure where to start, this kit is for you. 

Some forms that you will receive in this toolkit include:
Employment Application
Drug Testing Consent Agreement
Telecommuting Agreement
Employment Agreement
Interview Guides for Sales Reps and Office Administrators
Checklist for Hiring Employees
Plus 9 more 

Human Resource Document and Forms Toolkits  Price: $50- $250 (call for additional details) 

If you are new to Human Resources or have a startup business that has 3 to 25 employees, this toolkit is for you.   

Some forms that you will receive in this toolkit include:

Direct Deposit Form

Employee Record Spreadsheet

Employee Emergency Notification Form

Overtime Authorization Form

plus 9 more.

Corporate Documentation Toolkits- Price $50- $150 (call for additional details) 

A sampling of documents include:
Company Information Sheet

Confidentiality Agreement

Employee Disciplinary Notice

Employee Non-Compete Agreement

Minutes of the Organizational Meeting

Sales Representative Agreement

HR Employee Handbook - Price $50- $150 (call for additional details)

General Sections include:


Employee Policies

Hours Worked

Code of Conduct


Employee LOA

22 Pages in Length 

This handbook can be customized to your specifications.  Just give a call at 630-200-9114 to discuss in detail. 

Individual Forms Price $5.00 (call for additional details)

If you just need 1 or 2 different types of forms, Shaw can make it easy on your organization. 

Full-Service Consulting ( call for a free consultation)

Workforce Management

Strategic Development and Framework

Staff Development and Training

Performance Management

Let's work together to address your business need. 

 Contact Us Today To Discuss How Shaw Can Assist You With Your Organization. 
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