Dr. Daniel Zimmerman, DM, MBA

Consultant and Researcher

Dr. Daniel Zimmerman is our founder, a business strategist and a business management professional.   Present research interests include organizational strategic framework, learning experiences within membership, and organizational learning/memory. Dr. Zimmerman's current interest is based on learning experiences within the hospitality industry and the leadership theories that support these experiences.  Moreover, he enjoys working with start-ups giving them the room to concentrate on growing their business. In addition, he has over 15 years of working in the Hospitality Business Sector.                                                                                              

Dr.  Zimmerman's Experience

  • 10 Years Professional Business Experience
  • Consulted for Non-Profit Organizations and Faith Based Organizations
  • ​Authored his first book- "Seven Anchors: The Common Sense, Beginners Guide to Success" 

Dr.  Zimmerman's Education

  • ​Doctor of Management.- Organizational Development and Change
  • MBA- General Management
  • Masters of Human Resources Management
  • B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies- Psychology-Education-Health Education
  • ​Certified Appreciative Adviser- University of South Carolina
  • Certified Life and Business Coach

Dr. Delia Barone 

Consultant and Researcher

My research includes organizational development theories, learning agility, organizational communication, and OD change models both for organizations and its human agents.  In addition, her research continues in workforce management within the hospitality industry working with culinary start-ups.

Dr. Delia Barone's Experience

10 Years of Experience in Higher Education Workforce Sector

8 Years Post Bachelors Education Rooted in Organizational Theory and Communication

3 Years as Instructor of Culinary Arts

Dr. Barone's Education

  • PSY​.D in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

  • Masters of Arts- Organizational/Corporate Communication

  • Bachelors of Arts- Communication


Organizations that we have had the pleasure of working with to date:

Best Western- Marietta, Ohio
Celebrating Differences
Four Brothers Venezuelan Food
Kommunity Software
A Lil'Bit of Fun, LLC